Nissan Prices Titan King Cab Pickups Click to view online.

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June 20, 2017
<p><em>The most popular additives used by fleets combat cold weather gelling, but additives can be used year-round for a variety of reasons. (Photo:&nbsp;Getty Images)</em></p> Know Your Fluids: Additives

Keeping gasoline and diesel engines running smoothly and efficiently is important and additives can help.

<p><em>Photo of 2017 Titan King Cab courtesy of Nissan.</em></p> Nissan Prices Titan King Cab Pickups

Nissan has begun selling Titan and Titan XD King Cab pickups for at least $33,745 and $34,755 respectively as the extended cab pickups complete a trio of cab configurations.

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9 Secrets to Reducing Your Fleet Expenses

You rely on your trucks as an essential part of your business. The costs of running those trucks add up fast, and there could be hidden costs hurting your bottom line. Download this eBook to find out what those costs are and what can help trim them.

<p><em>FCCC S2G Flatbed (propane autogas). Image: FCCC</em></p> Freightliner Custom Chassis Touts Fuel Agnosticism

As a company, FCCC is strategically fuel-agnostic, currently building products powered by a range of alternative fuels, including liquified propane gas (LPG) and compressed natural gas (CNG) as well as traditional diesel and gasoline products.

<p>Photo: General Motors</p> Chevrolet and GMC Trucks Offer Fleets a Menu of Options

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Because every fleet has different demands, they need truck options that will fit their every need. Chevrolet and GMC give fleets flexibility when choosing a truck.


<p><em>Photo of 2018 F-150 XL courtesy of Ford.</em></p> 2018 Ford F-150 Engines Add Power, Efficiency

Ford is revamping its F-150 engine lineup for 2018 to offer a more efficient V-6 and more powerful V-8 in a lineup that will also include a diesel option for the first time, the company has announced.

<p><strong>In the long term, Cummins officials say electrification will come to every market segment it serves today in one form or another.</strong> <em>Photo: Cummins</em></p> Cummins Makes Big Electrification Move

Cummins announced it will have an all-electric transit powertrain available in 2019 with an extended-range electric vehicle ready in 2020.

<p><em>Ed Peper,&nbsp;U.S. VP,&nbsp;</em><em>General Motors Fleet,&nbsp;opened the general session of the summit.</em></p> GM's 2018-MY Fleet Preview

General Motors hosted its 2018 Fleet Solutions Summit in Las Vegas in May with nearly 800 commercial, government, and rental customers in attendance. View GM's 2018-MY fleet incentives here. Photos courtesy of GM.

Safety Tip: When You Hear an Approaching Siren

Here’s driving-safety advice, provided by the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles, on how to respond to a siren coming from an approaching emergency vehicle.

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Market Trends
Snapshot of Fleet Manager Concerns

Summer is a busy time in fleet. There’s an abundance of next-model-year OEM fleet meetings, new-model intros, and industry conferences, which offer ample opportunities to “talk fleet” with the movers and shakers of our industry. Here’s a snapshot of what I’m hearing from fleet managers.

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Chatty Chassis
The Benefits of an Automaker Test Drive

From time to time, fleet managers may receive the opportunity to attend an automaker test drive event. Should you be one of the lucky chosen, your excitement may give way to trepidation as you realize that test driving a vehicle for fleet use can be quite different that test driving a car or truck for personal use.

<p><em>Chrysler 65RFE remanufactured transmission (image courtesy of Jasper)</em></p>
Remanufactured Chrysler 65RFE/66RFE Transmissions Jasper Engines & Transmissions
<p><em>Image courtesy of Rotary</em></p>
Wheel Balancers Rotary
<p><em>Image of guide courtesy of Raybestos</em></p>
Commercial Vehicle Application Catalog, Spec Guide Raybestos

XTL Truck Bed Lighting Kit Grote Industries
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9 Secrets to Reducing Your Fleet Expenses

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