Telematics in Vocational Truck Fleets: Refuse and Waste Management Click to view online.

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August 16, 2017
<p><em>Over-spec&rsquo;ing a truck increases the capitalized cost of the vehicle, while underspec&rsquo;ing increases maintenance cost. (Photo: Getty Images)</em></p> How to Spec a Truck for the Application

Work trucks must be viewed as earning assets, so it is critical to spec these work tools to maximize their productivity. It is impossible to “build” a truck that enhances user productivity if you don’t understand the fleet application.

<p><em>Image of refuse truck fleet courtesy of Waste Management.&nbsp;</em></p> Telematics in Vocational Truck Fleets: Refuse and Waste Management

Refuse fleets often have set routes but drivers operate in inherently dangerous conditions. Telematics can help keep drivers safe and improve the efficiency or a refuse or waste management fleet.

Work Truck Exchange Returns to Arizona

Work Truck magazine and sister publication Automotive Fleet will bring the Work Truck Exchange (WTX) to Phoenix from Nov. 6 to 8. The intimate meeting pairs a select group of fleet managers with industry suppliers.

<p><strong>UPS says its new virtual reality training technology is realistic down to the finest details. </strong><em>Photo: UPS</em></p> UPS Turns to Virtual Reality to Train Drivers

UPS will begin using cutting-edge virtual reality technology to train drivers at UPS Integrad training facilities.

<p><em>Photo: FMCSA</em></p> 3 Ways ELDs Should Help Prevent Driver Coercion

Drivers are at the heart of the electronic logging device mandate that kicks in just over four months from now. According to Pete Allen of MiX Telematics, it was concern about how drivers might be impacted that compelled FMCSA to put “provisions in place to prevent issues of harassment, one of which is driver coercion.”

<p><strong>Chanje's V8070 is a Class 5 that promises to haul up to 6,000 lb of payload and 580 cu-ft of cargo space at about 50 MPGe fuel economy in city and highway driving. </strong><em>Photo: Chanje</em><strong><br /></strong></p> Ryder Named Exclusive Provider for Chanje Electric Van

Chanje Electric Vehicles will be available for sale, lease and short-term rental at strategic U.S. locations. Ryder also offers comprehensive and preventive maintenance for Chanje EVs.

<p><em>Screenshot via ITI</em></p> Defensive Driving Program Focuses on Distracted Drivers

Instructional Technologies Inc., announced a new defensive driving program called Pro-Defense that focuses on the increasing amount and types of distractions professional drivers face on the road.

<p><strong>Guayule is a shrub that grows in the Southwest and produces a rubber that can be used in tires.</strong></p> Research Shows Promise for New Source of Rubber for Tires

It’s possible you could see truck tires in the future made from rubber from a domestic plant rather than the traditional rubber tree, as a five-year study led by Cooper Tire & Rubber showed good results for passenger tires.

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Market Trends
Spec’ing Today’s Trucks to Meet Tomorrow’s Needs

When you spec truck assets today, many of these vehicles will be in service for 10 to 15 years or longer. While these assets are adequate for today’s business, will this still be true 10 to 15 years from now? This is an important question because some fleet managers tend to focus on today’s needs and neglect the long-term considerations as to how job requirements may evolve in the future.


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