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June 21, 2017
<p><strong>The new API FA-4 oil-service category was developed specifically to work in concert with the new generation of more fuel-efficient heavy-duty diesels starting to come on the market.</strong> <em>Photo: Shell Oil</em></p> FA-4: Oil Worth Waiting For

The newest API oil-service category promises to boost mpg, but its use is limited to new engines.

<p><em>While a telematics solution can produce a lot of data, it can also help integrate various systems for more streamlined information gathering and reporting. (Photo: Getty Images)</em></p> Truck Telematics: Beyond Asset Tracking

Most fleet managers know telematics is great for asset tracking, but there are many other underutilized components of a telematics solution that could be saving fleet managers time and money.

Solving Medium-Duty Upfitting Challenges

The number of available options, combined with getting exactly what is needed for your fleet, can be daunting at best. But, with some homework and research doing the upfitting job right can be easier than it appears.

<p>(L-R) Kevin Fitzpatrick, Alan Mace, Lacy Fitzpatrick, Stephanie Burkman, and Matt Lair of Wright Tree Service rely on Ford medium-duty models to serve their clients&rsquo; needs. Photo: Wright Tree Service</p> Wright Tree Service Reaps Rewards from Long-Lasting Fleet

Sponsored by Ford Commercial Vehicles
The national vegetation management company relies on Ford F-Series models. The trucks offer rugged, easily customizable options and make up the largest portion of the fleet.

<p><strong>In the long term, Cummins officials say electrification will come to every market segment it serves today in one form or another.</strong> <em>Photo: Cummins</em></p> Cummins Makes Big Electrification Move

Cummins announced it will have an all-electric transit powertrain available in 2019 with an extended-range electric vehicle ready in 2020.

<p><em>Photo courtesy of Terex Utilities</em></p> Terex Debuts Optima TC 55 Aerial Device at EUFMC

The company showcased its latest features and introduced the Optima TC 55 aerial device, which features lower travel height, better ground access, and improved boom speeds.

<p><strong>Balancing compounds such as Equal Flexx from IMI Products keep the tire balanced even as conditions change</strong>. <em>Photo by Jim Park</em></p> What You Should Know About Tire and Wheel Balancing

Balanced tires and wheels have been shown to save fuel, but balancing can also save tires -- and money. Part four in Jim Park's five-part series for National Tire Safety Week.

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Snapshot of Fleet Manager Concerns

Summer is a busy time in fleet. There’s an abundance of next-model-year OEM fleet meetings, new-model intros, and industry conferences, which offer ample opportunities to “talk fleet” with the movers and shakers of our industry. Here’s a snapshot of what I’m hearing from fleet managers.

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