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April 26, 2017
Productivity Gains Linked to In-House Maintenance

During a recent survey with trucking fleets, there was a strong indication that fleets with current maintenance capabilities can improve productivity by bringing additional work in house.

<p><strong>Final-mile delivery, like this one by XPO Last Mile, requires not only getting the product there in a specific time window, but often can involve getting it into the customers&rsquo; home and even setting it up.&nbsp;</strong><em>Photo: XPO Logistics</em></p> The Big and Small of Last Mile Delivery

E-commerce is driving a last-mile delivery boom, with everyone from startup drone makers to big less-than-truckload operations getting in on the business. Part four of our Trucking in the 21st Century series.

14 Things You Need to Know Before ELDs Become Mandatory

Come Dec. 17, the paper logbooks that truck drivers have been required to use to track their hours of work and rest since the 1930s will be history for interstate trucking operations. Here are 14 things you need to know before that day arrives.

<p><em>Photo: Ford Motor Company</em></p> Four Steps to Spec’ing a Truck

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Properly spec’ing a truck will allow the fleet to meet its operational goals and benefit the bottom line of the company it serves.

<p><em>Photos: PrePass</em></p> The Future of Tolling in America

Regardless of what happens to improve infrastructure at the federal level, state and local governments are increasingly taking steps to improve roads and bridges through tolling.

Safety Tip: Driving Near Farm Equipment

It's planting season again, so fleet drivers are encountering more farm equipment on the roads. Here's some timely advice from the Pennsylvania Farm Bureau to help drivers more safely share the road with farm equipment.

Natural Gas Truck Sales Facing Headwinds

The natural gas truck market had a strong start to 2017 but it faces increased competition from traditional fuels, electric, and hybrid-electric options.

PG&E Employee in Work Truck Among Victims in Shooting

Newly hired call center employee Zackary Randalls was on his first ride along in a PG&E truck when a man allegedly shot into the truck.

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Carbon Crusher Fuel System Cleaner E-Zoil

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Market Trends
Decrease Incidents of Unscheduled Truck Maintenance Caused by Overloading

When a truck is overloaded, its operating performance will be strained, accelerating wear-and-tear on brakes and other wear components, such as tire, which have higher failure rates because they run hotter due to the increased load. Another issue is axle overloading, which causes premature wear-and-tear on tires and suspension components.

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