Ford Approves Trio of Shell Oils for Diesel Trucks Click to view online.

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October 10, 2017
<p><em>Photo of 1000/2000 Series transmission courtesy of Allison.</em></p> Allison Expands Fuel-Efficient Medium-Duty Transmission Tech

Allison Transmission has begun offering its xFE fuel-saving technology on two more of its medium-duty transmissions, including the 1000 Series and 2000 Series, the company has announced.

<p><strong>Shell's&nbsp;T5 10W-30 Synthetic Blend is one of the three Shell oils approved for Ford's Super Duty trucks&nbsp;that meet the API CK-4 specification.</strong> <em>Photo: Shell Rotella</em></p> Ford Approves Trio of Shell Oils for Diesel Trucks

Ford Motor Co. has approved three Shell Rotella heavy-duty engine oils for its diesel-powered Super Duty trucks that meet the API CK-4 specification, Shell has announced.

<p><em>Photo courtesy of Terex Utilities</em></p> Terex Shows New Aerial Devices, Auger Drills

Terex Utilities showcased its latest offerings at the International Construction and Utility Equipment Expo, including its Optima Series of aerial devices and redesigned A330 and A650 auger drills.

<p><strong>Eaton's Endurant 12-speed automated transmission.</strong><em> Photo: Eaton</em></p> Peterbilt, Kenworth Offer Eaton’s 12-Speed Endurant Transmission

Eaton’s recently released 12-Speed Endurant automated transmission, developed in a joint venture with Cummins, will be offered on major truck models from both Peterbilt and Kenworth.

<p><em>Photo of SURUS courtesy of GM.</em></p> GM to Show Hydrogen-Powered Truck Chassis to Military Buyers

General Motors has developed a medium-duty chassis cab truck powered by a hydrogen fuel cell powertrain for commercial buyers that the company is also pitching to the U.S. military, the company announced.

<p><em>Image courtsy of Motiv</em></p> Motiv to Deliver Electric Refuse Trucks by Early 2018

Motiv expects to deliver two fully electric refuse trucks to the City of Los Angeles by early 2018, the company announced.

<p><em>Screenshot via</em></p> Isuzu Launches Spanish Version of Commercial Website

Isuzu Commercial Truck of America has announced that is now available in Spanish as well as English.

Lauren Fletcher
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Chatty Chassis
Pros and Cons of Truck Platooning

The concept of truck platooning is coming over to the United States. With roots in Europe, modern truck platooning is the ability to electronically group trucks, or other vehicles, to travel down the road. Platooning can decrease the space between vehicles and can help increase overall road capacity.

<p><em>Image of TMAX 30K courtesy of Stellar Industries</em></p>
TMAX 30K Aluminum Service Body Stellar Industries

Vionic LED Headlight Maxxima

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